Photo Courtesy of: Hunter Thompson
Photo Courtesy of: Hunter Thompson

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Today I bring you information about divorce mediation from Scott B. Methling of . As professionals, Scott and I know the benefits people of experience of navigating and the stresses of coping with high conflict in their lives. Today the focus is mediation during divorce of separation. Not only can mediation save you money in the long run but, using a mediator can help you and your family tend to the needs of your intended outcome in a shorter duration of time. Scott brings his expertise as one of Jefferson County Mediators winning the 2014 award for Mediator of the Year. Scott has volunteered his time with JeffCo in Colorado, helping couples and families navigate the divorce process with a level head, intended goals, and civil agreements. Scott is now the owner of SBMediation LLC and provides private mediation services and divorce help to the families of the Denver Metro and surrounding areas.

How can mediation benefit your situation? Get Divorce Help
By: Scott Methling
Mediation is the new wave of protocol for ending a marriage or separating of a marriage. At least in the State of Colorado, it is required in almost all divorce cases must be mediated before any court member will hear your issues.

During the process of divorce, usually there are a range of emotions that range wildly, which is to be expected. It is not an easy task to break up a family so to speak and the level of conflict that the co-parents can demonstrate is staggering.  Unfortunately the conflict can trickle down to the children and can cause parental alienation and potential disparaging remarks to be said about both soon to be ex-spouses. Under different circumstances the co-parents would normally not communicate negative things about the other parent to the kids.

The traditional means of divorcing has been to obtain attorneys to help the spouses handle the details of the divorce.  Which, depending on your particular situation, may or may not be beneficial.  Mediation is up to the spouses to control the scheduling (and many other facets) with a quicker outcome, since they are controlling the speed of the outcome. Reducing the length to closure, less conflict and getting the kids back into a healthier co-parenting environment.​

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Through the divorce or separation process, there is much advice that comes your way from friends and family.  You may often find yourself overwhelmed with the financial burden, time commitment, and wants throughout the process. Inquire about how mediation can help you. A special thanks to Scott for his insightful information on benefits of mediation on navigating a complicated process during such a difficult time.  If you are in need of therapeutic support through your a current or recent divorce, please navigate around this website or call In Focus Counseling LLC Divorce Help Therapist Lakewood