Depression Therapy Lakewood CO

Depression is a general term used to describe how one thinks and feels as related to overall sadness. But, depression affects everyone differently and it can affect the joy and presences you feel in your own life. Consider some of these questions:

Feeling lonely more than usual?
Feeling like no one understands?
Tired of hearing, “just snap out of it?”
Do you have a lack of interest in activities?
Do you isolate yourself away from friends/family?
Do you feel sluggish and tired throughout the day?
Are you struggling with emotional pain that you feel others won’t understand?
Do those around you say to you that you are often negative?

You aren’t alone, many people suffer from depression. Maybe you are coping with your depression through over working, alcohol, drugs, overeating, under eating, lack of time with friends, exercise, video games, or just simply…whatever works. Unhealthy ways of coping can mask your depression can isolate you from the life you want. If you are feeling or experiencing sadness, emptiness, blue, hopelessness, negativity, worthlessness, helplessness, irritability, restlessness, a loss of interest in enjoyed activities, difficulties with memory, fatigue, issues with sleeping, difficulties with eating foods or withstanding from food, and/or thoughts of suicide,

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I can help you better understand your depression and ways to work through the empty feelings. Do not continue to wait, often times depression doesn’t lift with the seasons or after good things happen in your life. Through depression therapy, you can discover ways to regain your engagement in things you enjoyed and find a connection to yourself and those around you. Therapy can be a trusting relationship to talk about the deep issues that are impacting your life. Trust yourself in knowing that if you are reading this page now, your depression is impactful and you might need a fresh perspective to help you focus.

Still not sure if you are depressed? Click the following link to rate your own depression If your scores are moderate to high, please consider calling our office for an appointment for depression therapy Lakewood CO  (720) 295-9522 

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**In the event of an emergency or if you have a concern for the safety of yourself or another person, please seek emergency assistance by dialing 911 or contact the Metro Crisis Line   •  888-885-1222 •
Professional help by phone, 24/7, for any mental health or substance abuse problem including suicide. Available free, to all residents of the Denver Metro area, including residents of Lakewood.