Questions & AnswersWhat is Counseling? Here you will find the questions and answers about counseling you may have. Counseling is the process of talking to a therapist about mental health and presenting life concerns.  A therapist is attentive and listens from a non-judgmental viewpoint providing an open ear for you to explore your own thoughts and feelings.  A counselor may offer you an objective and alternative view of your situation and help you define your ability to develop skills that will help you identify, cope, and resolve problems that arise in the future.

How do I know if I should seek counseling? There is no one solution to a problem, only you can know for certain if counseling would be a benefit to your life. There is no problem too big or too small for counseling and if you seek counseling services, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t “normal”.  If you are uncertain if counseling is right for you, ask yourself, “Do I have a problem that bothers me in my life?” Generally speaking, persons who seek counseling have a worry or concern about something in their life or that something in your life has become a barrier to growth. Individuals and couples find counseling to be a beneficial aspect of helping them seek the answers or actions they were looking for.

What is the counseling session like? A counseling session is what you make it to be. Generally, the counseling session is 45-50 minutes (depending on the code request if your are looking to use insurance) and is focused on your needs and goals.  Oftentimes people are presented with struggles in their lives in which, they feel stuck and unable to make a change.  Sometimes people have experienced many painful events or traumas in their lives that they are unable to recover from. Each therapy session is never the same but therapy is a collaborative process to help you FOCUS on what’s important to you.

Do you accept Insurance? We are out of network and not all policies provide this coverage. You can visit our rates page for more details and the reimbursement process with your insurance

How many times would I meet with my counselor? In Focus Counseling LLC, does not accept insurance carriers therefore counseling does not adhere to a specific number of sessions. The number of session ranges for each individual to feel like they are benefiting from counseling.  Some persons come 3-4 times, sometimes multiple times a week, and others seek longer term counseling to manage concerns. With OCD and ERP therapy, the number of sessions depends on the impact OCD has on your daily routine and the impact of the exposure we do in sessions. Counseling referrals are often made for those who will benefit from more specific counseling services.

Will anyone find out that I am in counseling? Counseling is confidential for those who are ages 12 and older (depending on therapists credentialing this age may be 18 and older). Counseling is still confidential for children and teens, yet we are responsible for letting parents know some situations for safety and protection. The American Counseling Associations code of ethics and Colorado State Law confidentiality of your session is considered privileged communication, meaning what you say is held in confidence. However there are exceptions to that confidentially, in the event that you are a harm to yourself or others, there is suspected and/or reported child or elder abuse, or in the event that you sign a release of information or a court order or subpoena is demanded of your counselor. Safety is of the utmost importance, therefore counselors, such as myself, have a duty to warn.

What is the difference between a licensed therapist and an Intern? A licensed therapist is a graduate from a Master’s program specialized in counseling and/or psychology. Additionally, a licensed therapist has met the state requirements, passed state licensure, and has at least 2 years of supervision after obtaining their Master’s degree.

An intern is in the process of completing their Master’s degree. They have completed all clinical training classes and are moving toward specifications. Interns are working toward their examinations and transition to becoming an LPCC. They are supervised by both their collegiate institution as well as their internship placement supervisor.  An Intern has been trained in theory to help clients and are in the last and final stages to be a Master’s level clinician and graduate.

Will a counselor understand me because of my culture, ethnicity, gender and gender non-conforming, sexual orientation, and/or alternative lifestyle, ect.? Counseling is an objective viewpoint to the concerns you face day to day. As a multicultural trained counselor, we understand that life experiences are very important and shape who you are. Society often uses labels to categorize people, that is a struggle for people as not everything fits in a box.  Each and every one of us have different experiences in life, your story is your experience. We appreciate your cultural diversity and your experience, please feel welcomed at In Focus Counseling LLC and to discuss these concerns at any time. We hope that we have answered any and all questions you may have had.

How do I make an appointment? To make an appointment you may follow the link to schedule an appointment online or Call  with questions and answers about counseling at (720) 295-9522

Questions and Answers about counseling is provided for informational purposes, if you would like to schedule an appointment please call (720) 295-9522 .

**In the event of an emergency or if you have a concern for the safety of yourself or another person, please seek emergency assistance by dialing 911 or contact the Metro Crisis Line  •(844) 493-8255 • | 988 for Crisis
Professional help by phone, 24/7, for any mental health or substance abuse problem including suicide. Available free, to all residents of the Denver Metro area, including residents of Lakewood.