OCD Treatment Colorado and Montana Intensive Outpatient Program
Discrete OCD Treatment 

Available to Residents of Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming (Individual Intensive only.)

  • Stuck in OCD thoughts?
  • Struggle with exposures on your own even with the help of your therapists?
  • Have you found that the treatment you are getting is not enough?
  • Need treatment, yet, can’t go out of state to an expensive facility?
  • Curious how your peers are recovering?

In Focus Counseling offers a 3-week Adult OCD Intensive-Outpatient Program (IOP) to have more frequent and concentrated treatment for those who are currently in OCD treatment with a therapist. We understand the pressure of finding treatment that fits with your schedule. This level of care has an intensity of the learning, practice, and therapeutic tools that can often give you the kickstart you need to launch into OCD recovery. There are always sacrifice’s, and this 3-week intensive program of Intensive Outpatient Programing may allow for you to attend with little disruption to life. Our program is set up to utilize services within your environment to provide you with the time to focus on your mental health, to focus on treatment you need for recovery, homework to shape behaviors outside of program while providing experiences in group to challenge you. Our programs best used to learn and then try and implements the learning the very day and change something you are doing to comply with OCD. Yes, yes, you do have homework to do! This 3 week virtual OCD Intensive Treatment is also a great option for those adults who do not have access to appropriate treatment in their area or who need more support in addition to their individual OCD Treatment and for those who work full schedules. Take a look further about what we can support you with.

Apply for Admission by 3/22/24 for Program 4/1-4/19/24 COST: $1,995

Benefits of OCD Treatment Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

What can I expect?? Each person gets something different from interacting with the other participants of group:

  • Interacting with the group members and improving your exposure to talking about your OCD themes. We get it!
  • Engage with OCD in different ways.
  • Practice tools with support of the experts
  • Overall healthier management of your symptoms of OCD.
  • Individualized Group treatment over a short period of time.
  • Get all the skills needed to manage symptoms using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Inference based CBT (ICBT), Behavioral Activation (BA) and Building resilience with Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT).
  • Perspectives you can trust.
  • New insight to your struggles.
  • Practice managing your stress and somatic presentations of OCD with Yoga Nidra.
  • Learn to use and practice with empirically based techniques when few or no resources are available in your hometown or state.
  • Complete your out of program homework to learn more about how your OCD responds the treatment.
  • Support from staff to help you troubleshoot issues exposures outside of session.
  • Build resilience skills through practice and learning.
Let’s get you started with OCD treatment so you can get back to focusing on what’s important

Included in the Adult OCD Intensive Outpatient Program is a team of highly skilled OCD treatment providers, symptom-specific manual and homework assignments, and an array of tools and skills needed for long-term recovery. Consultation with family members and treatment professionals may also be necessary. We will coordinate with your providers and offer a 30 mins. consultation session with your family as part of IOP. If you are in need of more intensive family coaching outside of the IOP program, this will be an additional fee so we can support integration of all of your new skills from our program to your home life.

Our Adult OCD IOP includes:

  • Coordination with your current therapist or referral provided
  • Peer support by a Certified Peer Support Specialist Chrissie Hodges
  • Shame Resilience
  • Group Therapy Engagement
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Compassionate Treatment
  • Expressive Arts
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Exposure Practice and Support
  • Multiple Therapist’s perspective and modalities
  • Supportive Homework (Participants are expected to do exposure homework daily)
  • Aftercare plan

Total of
31.5 Hours

3 Week


Payment Plans

We do not accept insurance. You may be able to submit a SuperBill for your treatment to be reimbursed to you or pre-approved in network. CPT Code for treatment is a daily code of 90853. Please check with your insurance carrier directly. We cannot speak with your insurance carrier. We hope that we have made this program affordable out of pocket for attendance to reduce the suffering you experience with OCD. That being said, not everyone is a great fit!

OCD Intensive Outpatient Program

Available in the States of Colorado & Montana

  • Individualized Group therapeutic OCD treatment over a short period of time.
  • Learn how your values drive you to do the scary things that OCD uses as threats against you.
  • Get all the skills needed to manage symptoms using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Inference Based CBT (I-CBT) Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Shame Resilience, Peer Support, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Building resilience with Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT).
  • Learn how to manage stress and somatic presentations of OCD with Yoga Nidra and breath-work.
  • Provides highly specific treatment using Evidence Based and tested techniques when few or no resources are available in your hometown.
  • Allows you to focus on treatment during a specific time while providing homework and support to challenge exposures outside of session.
  • Build resilience skills through Exposure and experiential practice and learning.
  • Living beyond OCD with supportive homework, daily exposures and support from our therapeutic groups.
  • Options to continue services after treatment, from groups to peer support,  you can continue some elements of IOP program into your life as you transition back to your individual therapist. 
  • Challenging your to practice exposures within group therapy
  • Highly trained in many themes of OCD including ERP/CBT/ICBT/ACT clinicians
  • Individualized feedback to enhance treatment efficacy
  • Compassionate support & encouragement in a safe setting
  • Engagement in your recovery
  • An environment that will challenge you
  • Being challenged on your compulsions and/or reassurance
  • Focus on the entire group learning from each other experiences
  • Variety of viewpoints on ways of challenging OCD 
  • Exposure creation and practicing along with you
  • Following established group rules in every session
  • Active participation in each group to support your recovery with OCD
  • Completing Daily Check- In 
  • Practicing exposures between group sessions
  • Completing homework assignments and challenges
  • Be on screen the majority of program
  • Ability to spend 3 hours minimum weekly on homework and exposures.
  • Private space for attending program
  • Attendance in all sessions and groups (1 max pre-approved missed day)
  • Take challenges to your OCD
  • Takes risks with us, you know how hard it is when you leave program
  • Treat everyday as a new day to challenge yourself too
  • Tell us when you are struggling
  • Be open to feedback from the group, not just staff
  • Last group session will include discussion of accomplishments and aftercare planning as a group so that you can take what you have learned and integrate the tools into your daily life.
  • 30 minute discharge session with clinician from treatment plan
  • Optional 30 minute family discharge session with clinician from treatment plan
  • Copy of Discharge Summary/ Aftercare Recommendations
  • Ability to join the IFC OCD IOP Alumni group
  • Submit your survey about the programs impact
  • Ability to continue the following services we have available with IFC for group therapy, Yoga Nidra/Breath-work, and/or Peer Support with Chrissie Hodges

Go ahead and schedule your intake appointment so that we can give you a decision about the fit for our program. The following are the program dates for the 2024 year.

April 1st – 19th, registration deadline: March 22nd (3 Weeks)
June 3rd – 14th, registration deadline: May 24th (2 weeks)
October 14th – November 1st,  registration deadline: October 4th (3 weeks)

We are adept at handling all OCD themes. Yup, even the “taboo” ones and the “pure O” ones. We can also handle some co-morbidities such agoraphobia and Body Focused Repetative Behaviors (BFRB’s)

We are out of network providers. We bill for program using the CPT code 90853. CPT codes are required for insurance submission. We bill your for 1-CPT code daily for the program duration. You can submit for insurance reimbursement. 

You can take a look at more detailed information here: https://infocuscounselingdenver.com/insurance-for-ocd-treatment/

Peer Support is support from a person that is in long term recovery from OCD. They have lived experience and have walked in your shoes. We feel this is a vital part of our program, different from other OCD Treatment IOP’s. Having support from people with lived experience allows you to  address shame and stigma from suffering with intrusive thoughts of OCD and the additional emotions that come along with recovery. 

Am I bad enough for treatment?

Is this program going to help me?

What if treatment doesn’t work?

These are reasonable concerns, our response is, “Why Not?” You do not need to be in “bad” shape to benefit from OCD treatment. We would have you ponder the next set of questions to challenge your indecision:

What do you value in life that OCD has taken away?

If you were supported by people who know the in’s and out’s of OCD and some who have walked the walk, do you think you would be motivated to work on OCD in a different way?

What is virtual care is a discrete way for you to learn how to live a fully filled life with OCD?

What if people in your life really want you to work on this and reduce your suffering?

What if you do deserve it?


You have payment options:

  1. Pay in Full, $1,995
  2. Pay a $500 Deposit NOW. Then the final balance of $1,495 is due by Friday of the first week of program.

Follow the payment link below for assistance.
Change the quantity of the item, to select the payment option of your choice.
For your convenience, we have allowed buy now pay later payment options with Affirm, Afterpay, or Klarna


Step 1

Complete our Adult Pre-screening form:

Step 2

Schedule your intake appointment via https://lori-johnson.clientsecure.me/ Schedule with the following clinicians only: Carrie or Taylor for a “OCD 3 Week Intensive Outpatient Program Intake“. If you are NOT ready for this type of intensive program AND you are in the State of Colorado, click here to schedule individual OCD Treatment sessions with our other clinicians https://infocuscounselingdenver.com/meet-the-team/

Step 3

AFTER you are scheduled AND approved you will be sent a welcome email and the Intake Questionnaires through our secure Client Portal. If you have not received your email, CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK first. Call the office to speak with our intake team (720) 295-9522 for Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. if you still have not received the welcome email and the Intake Questionnaire.

Step 4

Complete the Intake Questionnaire sent to you through our Client Portal PRIOR to your clinical intake appointment. After your intake appointment We will review your application on Friday’s as a clinical team and you will be notified of the decision by Monday before end of business day 5pm MST.

Step 5

Set up your payment plan, if needed. Contact our intake team @(720) 295-9522 or Montana (406) 401-9522

APPLY FOR ADMISSION ASAP for the OCD Intensive Outpatient Program

OCD IOP Treatment