We are pleased to offer discounted and sliding scale payment options for sessions with our clinical interns. Interns are hand selected by our clinical director and our team members. They go through a series of interviews to make sure they have the best skills and ethics to help the clients that seek services here at In Focus Counseling.

What is a clinical Intern?

A clinical intern has completed all of their coursework in their Master’s program. That have completed over 2,000 hours in course work and 60+ hours directly working with clients while their University Clinical Supervisors oversaw all of their counseling sessions. An intern they have multiple supervisors from the University and another here at IFC.

The interns we select have prior experience in treating and supporting mental health. They come into the internship already have training prior to their degree and have life experiences and training that can help you face the challenges and or goals that you seek out to overcome. Our interns have work in a variety of mental health including psychiatric facilities/hospitals, addiction treatment, jails, schools, special education, outpatient treatment, camp counselors, and much more. All are passionate and willingly practice cultural awareness to understand your experiences while paying attention to their own cultural biases. We partner with The University of Colorado Denver, University of the Rockies, Northwestern, and Argosy University.

Current Intern(s):

Craig Patera, M.S., Candidate

After internship at IFC, our interns often choose to stay and onboard as employees. We are proud to be a part of their learning journeys. Often people report that working with an intern was a fresh perspective. Our internship is very unique in that our interns are of high caliber and dive directly into complex work of co-occurring diagnoses and are supported by our entire team. We hope that you would consider working with one of interns.