Therapist Jobs

Welcome fellow helping professionals! We also offer services for therapists at In Focus Counseling. You help many people in need day in day out and we are here to help you. Maybe it is time that you have some clinical or business guidance yourself. Trying to find a hive of like and well-minded individuals to help us on our journey in business often turns into a competition of who does it “better”. Having a focused psychotherapist practice is not about being the best. Our clients well being comes of the upmost importance. Being In Focus is about doing what others can’t with creativity, seeing what other’s cannot see, leaning into your own discomfort to know the path of the difficult things you ask your clients to do. You do not need to follow others to compete. It is about, “focusing on what’s important “

We are glad you made it here. It means you are looking for something to help you along your journey as a practitioner. We have a few services and employment options offer for therapists, check them out:


At In Focus Counseling, it is our mission to help people faced with addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety. We believe that people benefit from a focus on values instead of a disorder. Together, we create and change the way people reduce the experience of struggling by providing an empowering and motivating environment so that people can focus on what’s important in their lives.


To create an intensive outpatient program for the Rocky Mountain region for the treatment of OCD and addiction, inclusive of all insurance plans, including Medicaid.


I wanted everyone’s contribution to the development of the growth of the team. Adding a brief description of each of the values and what they mean to you as a clinician. Or your experience of values here at IFC.