We offer unpaid clinical internships to Masters level students in their second year of program. Our internship is competitive and offers a limited number of positions. In exchange, we offer supervision, consultation, and a supportive team environment for your growth as a clinician.

Are you ready for a challenging internship?

Would you like your clinical internship to transition into a job role after graduation?

Are you motivated to treat those with addiction and OCD?

We might be the place for you! Selecting an internship site is not a decision to be taken lightly. We honor transparency as a team and know that we are not a usual internship site. We are a very hardworking team and you will be learning from others. So, you do not come in, see clients, and coast through just marking off your hours week by week. Each new client that presents, you have the support of the team. This is your learning journey, come eager to learn. Our practicum and internship is best fit for someone who has a natural skill for front end customer service, has worked in other industries and finds themselves in the counseling field as a 2nd or 3rd career, and has a variety of experiences to pull from in instilling their final career choice. And finally as you sit across from your first long awaited client, you feel that no matter what clinical presentation they throw at you, you are a sponge and ready to learn the next best thing AND you can’t wait to discuss the case with your supervisor to share your ideas of next directions and then hear what they have to say.

Our internship offers you 1 year long experience with a structured schedule of availability and training. The Interview process takes process late Summer for a Fall or Spring start. We require a commitment of at least three semesters with a minimum of 15-20 hours per week. Typical internships will last 1 year, and most will include a weekly workload averaging +/-20 hours. We are not accepting MFT focused M.A., program hours at this time. We do cannot currently supply enough hours for CACREP requirements.


  • Must be enrolled in a Master’s program for psychology or related field of study
  • Interested in working with all of the following: Addiction, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma, Depression, ADHD, Eating Disorders, teens, family systems, diverse cultural identities, and LGBTQ+ aligned
  • Ability to work 20 hours a week, including at least 2 evenings a week, or an evening and a weekend day.
  • Work with individual clients, family system dynamics, group therapy, Intensive Outpatient Level of care.
  • Use evidenced based modalities
  • You may not shift to another internship site at any time

Our ideal candidate for the Internship:

  • Humble
  • Detail oriented
  • Self motivated
  • Independent
  • Confident
  • Punctual
  • Self Aware
  • Mission Aligned
  • Open to feedback for growth
  • Psychologically flexible
  • Ready to learn and dive into challenging cases with the support of your supervisor
  • Ready to hit the ground running
Internship for Masters level therapists

The Process:

  1. Read through this page description and expectations of you as a practicum/Intern student.
  2. Submit your application
  3. Phone/Video Interview
  4. Next step is the group format with other practicum and internship students as well as majority of the In Focus Clinical Team.
  5. Progressed Candidates may have an Individual Interview
  6. Decision provided

Selected candidates moved forward will then complete the following:

Passing a criminal background check

COVID-19 vaccination is suggested

IFC is committed to a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for all staff free from the effects of substance abuse. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, and controlled substances impairs employee judgment, resulting in increased safety risks, injuries, and faulty decision-making. IFC follows Federal Law regarding cannabis and other drugs.