Business Coaching for Therapists in Denver 

Business coaching is not supervision. However, it still holds the ethical values of supervision and the ethics I abide by as psychotherapists. Coaching or Consultation is $150/ hour or $250 for 2 Hours.
*Due to ethical standards of dual relationship, you may not seek business coaching and supervision simultaneously. If you are a client of the past, my ethical boundaries prevent me from helping in this realm, please call for other referrals to our trusted colleagues.

So, you want to start a private practice, now what? You find yourself overwhelmed by the options of website platforms, web address options, keyword SEO, marketing, networking, business card design, the ins and outs of everything. Honestly, it feels overwhelming. I come from 20 years of business experience and background, have owned a successful photography business, and now therapy is my final place of practice.  Being a natural creative, I have connections with business strategists, digital designers, web developers, interior designers for your space, brand ambassadors, photographers for your headshots, and many ways and resources to help you speak to your brand as a therapist.

Your ideal client is the person who is out there looking for you, I help you speak to their direct need from business cards to blogging, to setting fees, to your online presence and growing your practice from individual to group. This is all done without having to convert yourself to an extrovert or using sleazy marketing practices. Us therapists are far from sleazy and are not helping our clients if all we care about is getting money in the door. I enjoy marketing and helping your understand the ins and outs so that you take steps to building your business to be profitable while maintaining your values and boundaries as a clinician. And while speaking to the needs and cultural sensitivities of your clients and their families.

Specialty areas of business coaching with Lori:

  • Internship Structure and Implementation
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • DIY Search Engine Optimization 
  • Social Media
  • Authentic Marketing
  • Practice documentation

For the past 6 years, I have been working solely with therapist on business coaching helping them find and help their ideal clients. My counseling and business expertise allows me to provide you with business coaching and consultation to help you focus on the needs of your practice while being your genuine authentic self.

If you are interested in business coaching or consultation with Lori Johnson, give me a call to discuss further (720) 295-9522.