*Women’s Therapy Group offered in Denver

~Do you try to “fix” others?

~Do you fear others are judging you?

~Do you find yourself saying, “Yes”, when you really want to say,“No?

~Do you settle for being needed when you truly want to be loved?

~Do you feel that you aren’t confident enough to achieve your life goals?

If you answered yes, to these questions, you may benefit from this women’s therapy group. You may rely on others or need others to depend on you. Your self worth is invested in how well others do, supporting others, and maybe even feeling like you are “bending over backwards” for others.  This may appear in your relationships with your partner, family, friends, or co-workers. Taking care of yourself and your needs is a great way to start leading a healthy, fulfilling life.

Stepping into a More Confident, Independent Self A new WOMENS Therapy Group is focused on helping women, increase self-worth, maintain independence, improve decision making skills, focus on needs, and increase communication skills in your relationships.

What you will learn:

  • Establishing new rituals for self-care
  • Gaining empowerment to make healthy changes
  • Participate with other women who have common
  • Confidence
  • Self-Reliance
  • Learning skills and strategies to create more satisfying and enriched relationships
  • Gaining self-awareness and making positive decisions to direct your life
  • Personal Independence

Group Details
To REGISTER for this women’s therapy group,Call +1 (720) 295-9522
Space is limited and Registration is REQUIRED
When: Mondays 6:30-8:00pm  *8 Week commitment required
Cost: Cost is $50/session (please contact the info above for financial flex options)
Issues: Codependency, Family Conflict, Self Esteem, Relationships
Gender Issues: Women’s Therapy Group
Age: Adults (18-40)
Shack Building Conference Room
950 Wadsworth Blvd
Conference Room
Lakewood, Colorado 80214

Not sure if the group format is right for you? Call +1 (720) 295-9522 to discuss the option for individual counseling

We look forward to helping you focus on what’s important.

Meet the group Facilitators
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