Ever have those mornings when getting out of bed is a chore?
I think everyone does but there are those days that may be a little more powerful than others.  A day when you just can’t face what the world has to bring, your boss and his/her demands, getting the kids ready, or even the simple task of finding something to where.  These daunting tasks get in the way of experiencing and enjoying life. If you just had a bad day and didn’t want to get up, well maybe you can choose to call in sick and take a day to rest and relax and you will be fine tomorrow.  But maybe you have no vacation days to waste or maybe tomorrow comes and that feeling is still there.  Self care is an important task that takes balance and effort.  If you are experiencing a lot of life stress and/or depressive symptoms, it is better dealt with sooner than later.  Seek support from a friend, close one, or if you are teetering on calling a professional, remember this, you aren’t alone! Make today the day to take care of yourself.