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Empowerment is a term that we often refer to in the world of women or the disenfranchised. Empowerment is finding assertiveness, gaining titles, respect, climbing and the process of the climb, and most importantly feeling a shift and a change within ones self. Empowerment is also a process of change and moves one from being controlled to feeling free.

A person is often empowered in many ways, big and small. Today I would like to talk about empowerment in your life. We could spend all day talking about ways in which empowerment morphs in peoples lives. But the big question is, do you have empowerment? Or have you lost it taking care of others? How has your loss of empowerment affected you in your life? Gaining empowerment is a process of peeling away the onion layers and finding the courage, assertiveness, self-love, self-compassion and putting away the idea that it is selfish to focus on you.  Do you have empowerment? Thats a hard question to answer, so take a moment to ponder how you can benefit from empowerment by asking yourself the following questions:

-Do you often feel tired of putting others needs first, just to feel like you have nothing left at the end of the day for you?
-Do you need your own identity in this world, separate from those of your children, friends, or co-workers?
-Do you find yourself getting all wrapped up in the details of others lives, just to avoid your own problems?
-Do you feel your relationships are one sided?
-Relying on others to make decisions for you? Or carry a lot of guilt when you do choose?

If you ask yourself these questions and answer yes, these are signs of co-dependency imbalances.

You might benefit from:

  1. Establishing new rituals for self-care
  2. Exploring where co-dependency serves you and disserves you
  3. Learning skills and strategies to create more communication and satisfying relationships
  4. Gaining empowerment to confidently make healthy changes in your life.
  5. Gaining self-awareness and making positive decisions to direct your life.

Group Details
To REGISTER for this women’s therapy group,Call +1 (720) 295-9522
Space is limited and Registration is REQUIRED
When: Tuesdays 4-6pm (Runs 5 weeks, skipping the week of 5/28)
*5 Spaces Left
Cost: Cost is $60/session (please contact the info above for financial flex options)
Issues: Codependency, Family Conflict, Self Esteem, Relationships
Gender Issues: Women’s Therapy Group
Age: Adults (18-40)
Shack Building Conference Room
950 Wadsworth Blvd
Conference Room
Lakewood, Colorado 80214

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Not sure if the group format is right for you? Call +1 (720) 295-9522 to discuss the option for individual counseling or an answer any questions you might have