Lori Johnson

Lori Johnson, M.A., LPC, LAC, ACS is the Founder and Clinical Director of IFC. she is passionate about increasing awareness for the diagnosis of OCD, especially for those who struggle with co-occuring addiction. She is a clinical supervisor and trainer, speaker and advocate on the topics of Substance Use Disorder, Addiction, and OCD at the IOCDF Conference and Denver treatment centers. Featured on Podcasts, The OCD Stories, Chrissie Hodges Pure OCD Author’s podcast, and is proud to be part of the OCD Gamechangers.

Parent Self-Care Webinar Denver Counseling

Parents have a hard job, its being a parent! Then throw in work, dinner, homework, tantrums, arguments, finances, birthday parties, driving around, sports, leisure time, and cleaning; you soon start to realize that you are trying to do it all. The 24 hours in a day, is definitely not enough. Learning how to better care for […]

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Accepting Appointments for August

In Focus Counseling, Denver will be accepting appointments starting August 5th, 2013 in Lakewood, Colorado. Offering counseling services to individuals. Specializing in addiction recovery, depression, anxiety, and work/life balance. Please contact (720) 295-9522 or email denverinfocus@gmail.com

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Yes, there are ways to enjoy happiness in life! This is not the end all be all list to achieve it, but think about it for a moment. Now stop thinking and start doing. Thinking and doing are two different things, that just goes with the good ‘ole saying, “Actions speak louder than words”. Take […]

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