You all know that the seasons change here in Colorado but, sometimes you pay little attention to the effect they have on your life. Outdoor time, sunshine, availability of foods you enjoy, colors you see, traffic…lets face it, all of these thing effect your mood. The change in seasons are in important factor in mood. When its cold outside and you want to go for a walk or run, you might be more inclined to not go. Less physical activity for some causes changes in how you feel. When the traffic is bad on the way to or from work, its really frustrating and changes your mood. Or maybe you are faced with seasonal depression, anxiety, or other challenges, which makes the season change feel all that much harder. You have little control of the seasonal factors that affect your mood but you have some control over the actions you can take to improve your mood.

What should I do? Prepare for seasonal changes and how they impact your life. I have prepared a short list to get you started and a FREE Self-care planner.

1. Evaluate: Take time to reflect on the previous year, is this something that comes every year or something new?

2. Anticipate: What are some things that you anticipate? What do see in the future the will impact your mood? What do see as being part of mood change?

3. Realize: Are there any changes you can make, even LITTLE ONES that can allow you more control. Be realistic about this changes. Making slight changes allows you to have some control and helps you feel more prepared.

4. Plan: Make a plan around self-care. Make a goal and plan around how the goal will improve your mind, body, and spirit. What If you are stuck in a place where you can’t even begin to think of what these things are? Maybe you can seek the advice of a trusted, friend or family member.

Remember: Change is hard for everyone, its a choice to do something different. Its not easy and takes some practice, so don’t be too hard on yourself the first few times and keep trying. Start small, start smart, and write it down.

If you are seeking change in your life, feel stuck, or are drastically impacted by mood or events and don’t know where to start, contact me if you are in Denver or search for a mental health professional in your area.

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