An interesting article about types of friends was published online from a women’s group called CRAVE. This article brings up a valid point about friendships one has in his/her life. One constantly must balance friendships in order to maintain a balance of everyday life. Lets face it, if you work all the time and are around work people all the time….you might start to despise being at work. In this example, there is no escape or release from WORK. In other situations, you may know of a lot of people but not have true, deep relationships, maybe just friends from softball that you hang out with after the game, don’t see them in the off season, don’t hang out with them outside of that setting. It is great to have friends regardless but friends are supportive to the balance in life.

Maybe you are affected with obstacles that prevent you from having these friend groups in your life. Take the time out of your day to take care of yourself and find balance in everything you do. Take Care!

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