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Women’s Therapy Group offered in Denver

*Women’s Therapy Group offered in Denver ~Do you try to “fix” others? ~Do you fear others are judging you? ~Do you find yourself saying, “Yes”, when you really want to say,“No? ~Do you settle for being needed when you truly want to be loved? ~Do you feel that you aren’t confident enough to achieve your […]

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How can mediation benefit your situation? Guest blog from Denver Divorce Mediator

Divorce Help Lakewood Today I bring you information about divorce mediation from Scott B. Methling of . As professionals, Scott and I know the benefits people of experience of navigating and the stresses of coping with high conflict in their lives. Today the focus is mediation during divorce of separation. Not only can mediation save you money in […]

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The Change in Season-Lakewood Therapist

You all know that the seasons change here in Colorado but, sometimes you pay little attention to the effect they have on your life. Outdoor time, sunshine, availability of foods you enjoy, colors you see, traffic…lets face it, all of these thing effect your mood. The change in seasons are in important factor in mood. When its cold outside […]

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