“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it’s an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more”
Rosabeth Moss Kanter

This quote says a lot about goal setting and looking towards the future.  Goal setting is difficult especially when going through transitions of life and those transitions look different for everyone. Growing older, getting a new job, making a new start, getting bored of where you are in life, or making a big change that you have been stalling on forever.  Those are just a few examples of the many transitions people face in their lives.  Lets face it, humans strive for setting goals and looking into the future.  This is an important part of setting goals, people want to be better, do better things, need a change, or even sometimes just want to make more money. Goal setting and looking towards the future is about what YOU want and/or need.  Not all of those things that people strive for are possible but there are some aspects in life that are able to be changed.  When setting your goals put yourself and your immediate family first. What goals are realistic, what is really needed, what is really attainable? If you need some extra help in setting goals….educate yourself.  Look to resources that will help you find out what goals are important.

Here is one to help you get started.