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Life is a Piece of cake…..right?? Wrong! If it were, we would all be millionaires and choose to live in tropical places. There is no perfect solution for life balance. But that doesn’t mean you have to torture yourself trying to find that inner peace.  The world you live in is busy. People balance their jobs, children, friendships, intimate relationships, career development or career change, difficult decisions, and many other events in daily life. These aspects are an important part of life and yet, require a delicate balance in order to care for yourself.  There are many tools available to help you manage time, delegate, and organize but sometimes there are other issues that get in the way.  Recognizing these blocks and making changes requires you to be present in the moment instead of caught up in anticipation, worry, and preoccupation.  Easier said than done!

  • You don’t have to embark on huge changes on your own.
  • And you certainly do not have to embark on change turning a blind eye to the things that are directly in the way.
  • You don’t need to spin your wheels trying to figure it out

This doesn’t mean change is impossible. Yet, it might mean that you need a different perspective and a combination of your emotional self and your determined self. Being present in your life requires mindfulness and being in the “gray” or in the “middle”. Creating life balance is a delicate task that challenges your diligence, your flexibility, and your evaluation. Therapy is a creative and collaborative process to help you Focus on whats important. I help creatives and artists discover barriers to their passions and portfolios. If you are in the Lakewood area, and have been “on the fence” about therapy, give me a call at (720) 295-9522

Still unsure? Fill out the following form to help you with the first step in evaluating lifestyle and self-care. If you are in need of balancing, please contact me for therapy in Lakewood at (720) 295-9522 for your free phone consultation with a Lakewood therapist

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