Enjoy your day!

Take some time out of your day to enjoy the things around you, even if it is just for 5 minutes! It might be a moment of silence, a nice view outside, or your favorite song on the radio. Spring is here and what a better time to SPRING your mood and well-being into a […]

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Getting out of bed

Ever have those mornings when getting out of bed is a chore? I think everyone does but there are those days that may be a little more powerful than others.  A day when you just can’t face what the world has to bring, your boss and his/her demands, getting the kids ready, or even the […]

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Welcome to the blog

In Focus Counseling will be accepting clients in August of 2013. We will serve the Denver metro area with affordable counseling and mental health services. Specialty areas will include, but are not limited to: Depression Anxiety Addiction/Substance Abuse Work related stress Stay tuned for additional posts, updates, helpful tips, and reflections on mental health. Lori […]

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